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Personal Influence

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What impact do we have on others? This is an area that people do not think much about. Most just go about their lives doing what they have to do to survive. But there is much more to it than that.


Napoleon Hill wrote about Ether, and that each of us had an aura that goes with us and that interacts with others. Ether is the energy that we project.


Regardless of what we call it, each of us projects a force on others. To see that in action, look at a family of people and see how the children take on the characteristics of the parents. Or watch young people as they go to college and are influenced by their teachers. Or watch kids being influenced by other kids, spreading the drug culture.


Concentric Circles of Concern by Oscar Thompson is primarily concerned with Discipleship and Evangelism, but defines the influence areas of our lives. These circles help us define our lives and who all is involved.


Circle 1 is self.

Circle 2 is immediate family.

Circle 3 is relatives.

Circle 4 is close friends.

Circle 5 is neighbors and associates.

Circle 6 is acquaintances.

Circle 7 is Person X.


Facebook Boundaries have been defined by Kim Reedy. They relate to the influence we exhibit to others as we develop friends, etc. on Facebook. These are similar to the above circles.



The point is for each person to evaluate who they influence and who influences them. There are huge opportunities for the person who wants to see improvement in their lives. Spend some time reflecting and answer the questions below.



Questions to think about.


• Who are you influenced by?


• What impact is this influence(s) having on you?


• What behavior results? Is this what you want? If not, what actions will you take to remove the influence? What replaces the influence?


• What type of influence do you want in your life? Who can provide that?


• What will you do to create the influential environment that you desire?



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