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Today's Leadership Producing Tomorrow's Excellence

Personal Goal Setting

The following graphic illustrates the relationship we should have among the various areas of our life. Notice that the spiritual area is in the center and all other areas surround it. Also notice that all of these areas are connected together and each has an influence on each other. If our spiritual area is handled properly, the other areas will be much easier to work in and to be complete. If any area is lacking, it will pull the effectiveness of the others areas down and have a negative impact on our life.

An example would be in the physical area. Our nation as a whole is overweight. This causes significant health issues which impact all other areas of our life. The same goes for our spiritual area. When things are not right with god, our whole life suffers.

Over your life, different areas will be more important that other areas. This is natural. You should set goals in all eight areas to provide as much balance as possible.

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