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About Us

Leadership For The future

Leadership For The Future (LFTF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of leadership in organizations, communities, and Christian leadership.


Leadership For The Future has been instrumental in assisting chambers of commerce to develop and implement community leadership programs for many years.


Leadership For The Future has programs available for a variety of applications, including culture change, strategic planning, management and supervisory development, team building, experiential learning events, and retreats. specific areas of learning also exist in dialogue, problem solving, and process analysis.


Leadership For The Future is a 501c3 organization.


if you desire additional information, please e-mail info@lftf.org or call 800-657-2235.




Our hIstory

Our organizational purpose is to train and support the future leaders of the community through Chamber of Commerce Leadership courses, scholarships, grants, and outreach programs.

Founded in 1984 by Kenneth Bratz, we are a

501c3 Public Charity


Mr. Bratz was recently featured in the Palestine Herald for his commitment to the community through LFTF:

Kenneth Bratz originally created Leadership for the Future to construct ropes courses for leadership training. “I developed the first public ropes course in Texas, the others were all private, Bratz said. “We provided the first open, so-to-speak, course.” He then branched out into working with Chambers of Commerce on their Leadership courses.

Most of those Leadership courses, they would just put people on a bus and take them to the jail, schools, hospitals, different places that were important so they could learn about the community.”

Bratz added, “But they never learned anything about Leadership. So we filled the void.” Since then, LFTF has expanded beyond Leadership training to also include grants, scholarships, and other direct means of assisting tomorrow’s leaders.


Contact Information

LFTF has a website: lftf.org

A blog: http://leadershipforthefuture.blogspot.com

And a Facebook: www.facebook.com/inspirational.life.quotes


Courtesy of  the Palestine Herald


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